Wine glass filled with Prosecco and a floating red blackberry
Focused three apples on a small homegrown appletree.
Two beautiful baguettes made with sourdough.
Two freshly baked baguettes with some trees in the bacjground
Fresh rye bread based on sour dough
A simple selfmade spelt bread on a table.
Some stones reaching into the ocean in Tenerife
Two very colorful bird playing in their feeding bowl which is attached on a tree.
A close image from a wave clashing with the stones close to the sea
Picture of the Tyska kyrkan between some smaller buildings in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.
Photo of the sun from inside many grapevines.
Many grapevines.
Photo before the match of Inter Milano vs. Eintracht Frankfurt inside the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium
Photo from outside of the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.
Lots of Eintracht Frankfurt fans walking through the city of Milano